Historic Rosedale Charlotte North Caroline

3427 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206704-335-0325

Levine Museum of the New South Features Rosedale

February 18th : 10:00am-11:00am
Rosedale will be featured as part of the Mecklenburg Historical Association’s bi-annual series of local history classes. Visit www.meckdeck.org for more information.

Board members of Charlotte’s historic Rosedale property hope to preserve the property by protecting the trees that surround it.

The Rosedale Plantation is in northeast Charlotte and contains some of the largest and most unique trees in the county, dating back to 1815. The board is raising money to equip several trees with lightning rods. Many of the trees on the property have been there for about 200 years.

Every year at least two trees get hit with lightning which can kill them. The board wants to make sure the trees are protected for others to enjoy.

“As they get bigger they’re more susceptible to the wind storms we have, occasional hurricanes, lightning. So the older the tree gets, the greater the chance something is going to happen to it. So these are truly survivors,” said board member Dr. Larry Mellichamp.