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In Remembrance of The Enslaved

 Extensive research continues to be done in regards to the history of the enslaved and freed individuals at Historic Rosedale. This research includes information on many individuals, their families and descendants. We believe it is important to honor these individuals by saying their names regardless of the amount of information available about their lives.

The names of those forty-six enslaved that are known today: Cherry, Nat, Agnes, Ephraim, Alfred, Mark, Charles, Jenny, Nicy, Randall, Jeff, George, Martha, Ben, Narcissa, Scott, Lewis, Adam, Rena, Benjamin, Aggy, Little Nat, Manda, Little Alfred, Nance Jo, Poll, Molly, Matilda, Abram, Lucy, Sylvia, Lewis, Theresa, Sarah, Jane, George II, Nat III, Lydia, Frank, Lafayette, Baxter, Mary, Caroline, Ben, Rachel, Andy, Ned, and Jim. 

Additional information about all these individuals is forthcoming. Information is currently available on the enslaved woman CHERRY and this can be viewed by clicking here.

There is a long history of Blacksmithing at Historic Rosedale. Additional information about the blacksmiths Nat, Ephraim, Alfred, Jeff, and George Caldwell is also forthcoming.