Historic Rosedale Charlotte North Caroline

3427 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206704-335-0325

(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 790004, Charlotte, NC 28206)          


Historic Rosedale, circa 1815, was renovated, restored and opened to the public in 1993.  The Historic Rosedale Foundation is supported through private giving and does not receive direct government funding. Your membership is supporting the oldest frame home in Charlotte, preserving regional history and honoring local cultural heritage.

“A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable.”  Thomas Jefferson


Friends of Historic Rosedale is a membership program that allows for community engagement and education while providing financial support for the Historic Rosedale Fundation. By becoming a member, you will be apart of a very unique and special group of people who are helping to preserve this historical site for future generations. This is your personal invitation to join that effort. Your membership contribution ensures the continued preservation of Historic Rosedale for future generations and entitles you to a number of special privileges, including the following:

  • Free grounds admission
  • Unlimited regular house tours
  • Advance notices and discounts on tickets for special promgramming and events.
  • Invitations to exclusive Member Only Events
  • 10% off all gift shop purchases

Friends of Historic Rosedale Membership Levels:

Each membership level includes the basic benefits noted above and is for a one year period. Additional benefits are noted with each membership level:

  • 1815 Society  $1,000
    • Membership for two adults and dependent children (under 18). Includes eight (8) guest passes.
    • Additional discounts on site rental and use.
  • Millennium  $500
    • Membership for two adults and dependent children (under 18). Includes six (6) guest passes.
  • Reconstruction $250
    • Membership for two adults and dependent children (under 18). Includes four (4) guest passes.
  • Federal (Family) $100
    • Membership for two adults and dependent children (under 18). Includes two (2) guest passes.
  • Colonial (Individual) $50
    • Membership for one adult. Includes one (1) guest pass.
  • Student $30
    • Membership for one. Includes one (1) guest pass.
    • Must present valid school or university ID

Joining is as easy as clicking the link above or calling 704.335.0325 to inquire about becoming a member. All mail to Historic Rosedale should be sent to: P. O. Box 790004, Charlotte, NC 28206


The Davidson sisters, Mary Louise and Alice, recognized the importance of their ancestral home in the framework and history of the city of Charlotte. It was their foresight that allows for the preservation of Historic Rosedale today, bringing a sense of place and delight for generations to come.  We acknowledge the importance of their legacy and loyalty with the Mary Louise and Alice Davidson Legacy Circle. This Legacy Circle identifies members who have been loyal supporters in the spirit of Davidson sister’s dedication. Legacy Circle members demonstrate an exemplary investment in the Historic Rosedale Foundation and its mission. Investment is defined not only as a monetary amount but also in terms of time, commitment, and voluntary support. Legacy Circle members:

  • Have shown continuous membership for 10 years or more (regardless of membership level)
  • Participate in monthly giving or multi-year pledge giving to the Historic Rosedale Foundation
  • Have offered volunteer support above and beyond as voted upon by the Board of Directors of the Historic Rosedale Foundation

Legacy Circle members are rewarded for loyalty and service to our mission with benefits above and beyond their Friends of Historic Rosedale membership benefits in the following manner:

  • 10% discount on a Gift membership (one per year, any level)
  • Invitation to exclusive programs and events
  • 20% off all gift shop purchases