Historic Rosedale Charlotte North Caroline

3427 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206704-335-0325

(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 790004, Charlotte, NC 28206)          


Mission: The African American Legacy Project at Historic Rosedale will promote the truthful, compassionate and equitable presentation of those African Americans, both enslaved and freed, who lived and worked at the site.

Vision: The project will construct exhibits and hold programming that will depict aspects of the life of the enslaved and emancipated persons during the 19th century and of their descendants during the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition, a memorial will provide a peaceful area for reflection and remembrance, honoring those African Americans who lived and worked here. The final stage of our vision is the construction of a building dedicated to presenting and preserving the African American history of our site while also allowing for a dedicated building for community programming.

History: Historic Houses are buildings which teach us about our past. All facts are not pleasant, but it is a museum’s responsibility to present the past facts truthfully. Our aim at Historic Rosedale is to inspire visitors, through interpretation of the 1815 house and surrounding property, to think deeply about the history of Charlotte, of North Carolina, and of our nation.

Since the early 1990’s, Historic Rosedale has discovered the names of over forty people who were enslaved at Rosedale. Currently, twelve enslaved individuals’ genealogical charts have evolved and these charts continue to be an ongoing project. In the early 2000’s a tour called “Unheard Voices” launched the interpretation and stories of the African Americans who lived and worked on the land. In 2021, the African American Legacy Committee was developed to increase resources, research, and programming. 

The Committee continues today to lead the African American Legacy Project with the help of dedicated staff. The Committee continues to schedule events, programming, onsite exhibits, and conducts crucial descendant research. Descendant input and advice is critical to the success and authenticity of the project. If you or someone you know has connections with Rosedale, please contact us!


Chairperson: Barbara McCray Jackson


Secretary: Tina Wright

Adreonna Bennett

Bee Jay Caldwell 

Kathryn Freeman

Margarette Joyner

Cheralyn Lambeth

Janet Levy

Sandy Maguran

Elizabeth Myers

Ben Nunnally

Ronald Schumann

Kyle Smith

Thomas Spada

Tom Watson

June White

Harold Wiley

Tamia Williams